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  • Gift For Everyone With Online Birthday Cake Delivery In Noida
    By: Pen Name jemmyjack | - Almost every country, every city of the world has numerous bakery shops. Though major renditions are cakes, all other flour made baked foods as breads, short breads, pastries, puffs, tarts, cup cakes, doughnuts, pies are also among regular sellable in these bakeries. Some confectioners even serve customers with dine in facility where along with snacks they get hot and cold beverages like hot and cold coffee, tea, ice tea, smoothies, hot chocolate and many more thirst busters.

    Histo ...


  • Trending Suvs By Gaadi Com
    By: Nagendra Prive | - Indian automotive market is in a transition period. People who once used to show their love to the compact cage on four wheels are now shifting their interest to the bigger looking locomotives and the change is pretty much visible both on sales charts and the road itself. With the kind of popularity Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have attracted, the attention of Indian customers is phenomenal and every manufacturer, be it Indian or global has tried to cater the skyrocketing demands of customers. ...
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  • What's Your Sign?using The Zodiac For Dating
    By: Mark Well | - I'm a little more useful, and I discover that restricting myself to companions predicated on some traditional program to be instead uninviting.

    Nevertheless, this doesn't imply that the horoscope is wholly ineffective. There are many benefits to using this show up in discussion. Therefore even although you aren't a believer in this kind of point, it's a good idea to comprehend and know some fundamentals in this respect.

    So how exactly does this function? State you're ta ...

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  • Terms Used In Astrology And What They Mean
    By: Ashwin Joshi | - If you are new to astrology then it is essential to learn some of the basic terms that are used in astrology. This would help you to understand and follow your birth chart. Each term determines some meaning. Here are the terms and what it signifies given in a detailed manner. The air horoscope symbol are the signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Ascendantis the term signifying the rising sign. This is the horoscope symbol on the cusp of the first house of the birth chart. Descendant is the cus ...
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  • Influence Of Astrology In The Life Of People
    By: Ashwin Joshi | - Based on the position of the planet and the time of birth the astrological science is built. It is considered that according to the planets the personality of the person and the future of the person can be predicted. In several places the influence of astrological science can be perceived. Basically the Indian and the Chinese are prominently following it. In India basically, a horoscope is constructed based on the movement of the planets at the time of birth. The birth chart is prepared first th ...
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  • Absolutely Psychic Network - Birth Chart Part 43
    By: absolutelypsychic | - Scorpio. The Scorpion. The Scorpion, the Phoenix, the

    Eagle. Scorpio is the sign of great yet, more often than

    not, painful transformations. Rising out of the ashes of an

    ancient karma, we reclaim our divine daughtership. We learn

    it is far better to give than to receive. We learn to

    detach ourselves from those desires not in keeping with our

    Higher Self. We remove all that is nonessential to our

    path. Sco ...

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  • Color Therapy Astrology
    By: uzair sayeed | - The three chief signs of the zodiac which most strongly affect the individual (namely, The Rising-Sign, the Moon-Sign, and the Suns-Sign) also exert a powerful influence over the sensibilities in the way of producing marked effect on the individuals susceptibilities to colour, sound and touch.

    The normal man is of course responsive to all wavelengths covering the entire colour-band of the visible spectrum, but the effect of the stress of the three influencing signs tends to ma ...

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  • Mahindra & Mahindra Signs Mou With Bank Of India For Car Loans
    By: PR 24x7 Network Ltd. | -
    Mahindra & Mahindra signs MoU with Bank of India for Car Loans

    Standing Left to Right: Mr. R. A. Sankara Narayanan (General Manager, Bank of India), Mr. M. S. Raghavan (Executive Director, Bank of India) and Mr. Arun Malhotra (Sr. V.P. Sales & Customer Care, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
    Mumbai: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M), Indias leading SUV manufacturer, today signed a Preferred Financier agreement with Bank of India (BoI), one of Indias largest public sector ba ...


  • Houses In Your Birth Chart
    By: Jyotishacharya Vinay Sheel Saxena | - 1st HOUSE (The Ascendant or Ruling -Your Rising Sign)

    The Ascendant, also known as the Rising Sign, is the start of ones horoscope birth chart. The Ascendant is the most important position of the chart and forms the cusp of the first house. The Ascendant shows your entry into this world at the time of birth. The twelfth house is the house of captivity and all things that are hidden, so it is logical that emerging from the womb (the 12th house) you ascend into this world and make ...

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  • Astrologicial Planets, Houses, And Zodiac Signs Simple Definitions
    By: Absolutely Psychic | - SUN --The Sun signifies vitality, the heart, the father, husband, and any male in authority. Also employer, boss, king, the president, head of state, nation, religious heads, etc.

    MOON --The Moon signifies the mother, wife and female children, or any woman in question. Also servants, embryos, and anything that is forming. It rules crowds, the masses and public opinion. Also tides, fertility, subconscious. The Moon is the measure of time.

    MERCURY --Mercury signifies comm ...

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  • Horoscope Reading Tips And Facts
    By: Asha Sharma | - Many astrologers have a opinion that the purpose of astrology is not to predict the future. But the create it.
    The personal horoscope reading is rather a dynamic and interactive process of self-knowing and self-empowering, and here the astrologer objective is being to mediate the connection between the person and the Universe, the universal knowledge database. This is based on the information extracted from the personal horoscope; the astrologer can offer insight on the client's questions ...

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  • Halong Bay Cruise With Oriental Sails Scorpio
    By: Huyen Tram | - Halong Bay never fails to amaze visitors by its labyrinth of limestone islands dotting the shimmering Gulf of Tonkin. These same islands witnessed years of history: from flourishing human settlements in 16000 BC, to the sea-faring people of Cai Beo culture in 3000 BC and a number of naval battles that defined the nation"s history. The area plays hosts to a diverse ecosystem with abundant wildlife, including 7 species endemic to the area. Explore the caves, experience its flora and fauna o ...
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  • Full Moon In Taurus November 10th 2011
    By: Barbara Goldsmith | - Are you building an enduring structure? Are there ways to draw on your natural talents that can lead to greater financial abundance? This Full Moon will help to draw you in that direction.

    Taurus likes beauty, warmth, softness, love and sensuality. It likes to be in beautiful surroundings, to listen to great music and to appreciate art all things that help soothe and heal anxiety and stress. Taurus rules survival and therefore security, both your personal security and global sec ...

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  • Vedic Astrology Xxxv
    By: zidit | - Vedic Astrology Lesson 35

    Wealth Ascendant (Dhana Lagna)

    In a pragmatic or a business, people are more concerned with material benefits that Self_Actualistion. Nobody can be blamed for this because business or making money is a need for social security (after Scala needs of Abraham Maslow Hierarchy). Exceed the social need for security is self-realization. But mostpeople need to survive at the level of social security and use all their energy ...


  • Tea Merchants Use Of Astrology
    By: Asha Sharma | - The famous Gann Wheel was used right from the seventeenth century after W.D.Ganns visit to India and his study of Indian Sidereal Astrology. According to the Gann Wheel by deriving the Indian Sidereal natal chart for a commodity uses its starting time and date it is possible for predicting the trends of the market and enable quantifying and qualifying the major and minor cycles of the market and the product. This was the method which was used by the Tea Merchants. The Indian astrology is alw ...
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  • Stability In Marriage According To Best Indian Astrologer
    By: Astrologer Hemant Sharma ji | - Be it the matters of health, longevity, education, profession, business, choosing a friend, choosing a partner in business or in life (spouse) for ones ownself or for ones ownself or for ones nears and dears. Today due to the multi-dimensional skill/professions and the world becoming a global village, it is not possible to finalise marital alliance in the known circles or in ones own city, dynasty or even caste.

    In marital affairs the matters of concern are mental and physi ...

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  • Your Horoscope Love Match With Your Partner
    By: david | - Often, when a friend has met a new man, I wonder if I can take a look at your chart and see if they match. And the answer is always "Yes!" A horoscope love match is always present; you can always find a reason why people are attracted to each other when you compare your birth chart.

    Traditionally, says the party best horoscope love between men and women born in the same element. This means that a woman born in one of the fire signs Aries, Leo or Sagittarius would match with a man bo ...

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  • Most Selling Used Cars
    By: Mamta Papneja | - In almost cites of India the used car market is expanding rapidly due to the rising demand. As compared to previous year the sale of used cars have boosted this year. By looking the constant stipulation of used cars many big automobile manufacturers have established pre owned car outlets across India such as Mahindra First Choice, Maruti True Value, Tata Motors Assured, Hyundai Advantage, Honda Terrace and more. The motto of establishing the used cars outlets in India is to provide the good qual ...
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  • Most Selling Online Used Cars In India
    By: simon jain | - In almost cites of India the used car market is expanding rapidly due to the rising demand. As compared to previous year the sale of used cars have boosted this year. By looking the constant stipulation of used cars many big automobile manufacturers have established pre owned car outlets across India such as Mahindra First Choice, Maruti True Value, Tata Motors Assured, Hyundai Advantage, Honda Terrace and more. The motto of establishing the used cars outlets in India is to provide the good qual ...
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  • Hybrid Cars "" Fuel Efficient Car
    By: Rita Jain | - Hybrid Cars Fuel Efficient Car

    Hybrid car, a new buzz in the auto industry. These are a great relief to the rising trend of fuel rise and environmental pollution. Hybrid cars are fuel efficient car as they use alternately fuel and electricity to run the car. Similarly they emit 50% to 60 % less carbon dioxide resulting a good impact on environment. The amazing thing about the hybrid car is that it has two motor one is run by gasoline or diesel and another is by electric motor w ...

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  • Enjoy The Tattoo Fashion With Full Freedom
    By: Sunildetecvisaion | - The craze for having a tattoo on the body is on extreme high worldwide; and, India too is not an exception. Indian youths have become more fashion conscious during the last 3-4 years. Till couple of years back, tattoos on the body of boy or girl were considered the choice of specific section of society but today every fashion conscious Indian youth wants to join the fashion wagon by having a colorful tattoo. As the demand of tattoo artists is rising, the fashion institutions are emphasizing to f ...
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  • Sun In Aquarius - Its Results On Various Moon Sign
    By: Jyotishacharya Vinay Sheel Saxena | - On 13th Febuary 2011 Sun enters the Aquarius Sign for its month long journey in this sign. Here Sun will be transiting three constellations which are Dhanistha, Satbisha and Poorvabhadrapad.

    This is an inimical sign for Sun to traverse as the lord of this house is Saturn, which is in antagonism with Sun but as the sun is sailing in the Northern hemisphere its will definitely bring some respite to the people down below.

    Now let us see what is in store for people with var ...

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  • Forecast For The World Of 21st November To 30th November 2010
    By: Bharat Bhatt | - Forecast For the World of 21st November to 30th November 2010

    21st November 2010 Sunday: Though today is Sunday in India yet its a Saturday evening in U.S.A. and mid night of Saturday in U.K. people might be enjoying. So far food and drinks are concerned, yesterday and todays planetary position indicates that people will make it excess and they may spoil Sunday morning. In India people will have tough Sunday. With a exciting news at a political front in the newspaper with that ...

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  • Rahul Gandhi
    By: Bharat Bhatt | - RAHUL GANDHI

    Rahul Gandhi is a man of Gemini dial having Mars and Sun in Gemini. Venus in Cancer in 2nd house. Jupiter in Libra in the 5th house having trine with birth Sun and Mars. Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting each other. Moon in Scorpio in the 6th house, Rahu in the 9th house and Saturn in the 11th house.

    Sun and Mars in lagna makes him dynamic person who likes to accept the challenge. Venus in 2nd house gives him an ability to speak, which appeals the people. ...

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  • What Is Astrology And How Does It Work?
    By: Anadi Taylor | - The word 'astrology' comes from the Latin 'astrologia' which is derived from the Greek words 'astron', constellation or star, and 'logia', the study of, so the literal translation of the word 'astrology' is 'the study of the stars'.

    There are many traditions of astrology ranging from the Vedic, the oldest form of astrology, to the Chinese and Egyptian traditions. This article will focus on the Western astrology.

    Astrological readings are based on your birth details; ti ...

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  • Things You Need To Know About Your Rising Sign In Astrology
    By: Jacob Schiffer | - Rising signs are the zodiac signs present on the eastern horizon upon your birth. The traits you may possess depends on the characteristics of any of those 12 signs in the zodiac.

    In Astrology, a rising sign is defined as the sign of the Zodiac that is just rising up on the eastern horizon a the moment you were born. It is also termed as your ascendant sign. The traits of your rising sign may be different from your sun sign and you may not be aware of it, it's mostly the others wh ...

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  • Why Are Pisces Zodiac Symbols Men So Sensitive
    By: Jake Hudson | - not all pisces zodiac symbols men are sensitive; have you asked all pisces zodiac symbols men

    that? no.. but they are not all sensitive.. because they all cant be, even if their stupid astrological sign says soMost pisces brag so much, but people ignore it

    like they are perfect.

    They say things like People are just jealous that we can be anything that we want even when we dont even need to trythats just to name a FEW

    What real ...


  • 12 Zodiac Signs In The Birth Chart With Their Respective General Physical Appearances
    By: Jacob Schiffer | - Everything about you can be predicted in the birth chart including your physical looks particularly by the Ascendant or the rising sign. Every sign has a dominating and charateristic feature, which may be affected by the position of the planets and zodiacs.

    Birth chart interpretations are influenced by the position of the heavenly bodies at the time of your birth. Therefore, due to constant movement of the planets and zodiacs, every single minute produces a new and unique natal ch ...

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  • New Cars In India
    By: sanajy kumar753 | - The Indian car market is booming. Of late the foreign companies have started getting aggressive with their plans in the Indian car market. New cars are getting launched frequently.

    With the booming economy and rising purchasing power of the middle class Indians, the market offers lots of potential for auto companies that have stopped growing fast largely due to the mostly saturated markets of the developing countries. Foreign car companies have flocked to the Indian car market se ...

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  • Is The Catholic Church Right To Call Wealth Creation A Sin?
    By: Tom Burroughes | - The excessive accumulation of wealth by a few was deemed to be a mortal sin alongside taking or dealing in drugs, ruining the environment, carrying out morally debatable scientific experiments, or allowing genetic manipulations which alter DNA or compromise embryos.

    In seeking clarification from the Catholic Communications network WealthBriefing found that the Catholic Church has not, in fact, issued a new list of mortal sins. The story originated from an interview that Monsignor ...

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  • Some Star Sign Compatibility Tips
    By: Malc Moore | - Checking for star sign compatibility with the person you love has become a common practice powered by the multiple columns you find in all sorts of magazines about the importance to make great zodiac matches. In ancient cultures the determination of astrological compatibility was a serious task that relied on the interpretation of cosmic facts and events. Thus, every person is born under a star sign and all his/her life unfolds in close connection with the cosmic energy of the moment of birth. A ...
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  • Nature Of Zodiac Signs And Astrology!
    By: Lloydie | - As we continue expanding our life and exploring new knowledge and wisdoms, we are intend to have a basis in everything we've got and anything we do. A basis that gives you the standee of your past, present, and future in sequential details of your life as individual up to social inhabitants. Why does a sorcerer or psychic used by the leaders in ancients wars? Are they effective or not? In present, why do the existence of psychic is continue expanding and embrace by lot of individuals? An existen ...
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  • Electional Astrology
    By: newagephilosopher | - All Astrology evolved from Electional Astrology. Astrology was founded by
    the Sages for knowing the auspicious hours for any divine project. ( Jyothishastram
    Vadathrathya Kalam Vaidika Karmanam ).

    Einstein's greatest discovery was the dscovery of Time as the Fourth
    Dimension. The great physicist Hermann Minnowsky elaborated furthur that the
    Universe is a Four Dimensional Space -Time Continuum made up of the three
    dimenions of Space and the F ...

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  • Know More About Vedic Astrology
    By: JN Pandey | - Vedic Astrology is the study of positions of heavenly bodies like Sun, Moon, Mars etc. with respect to the zodiac and the interpretation of the effect of such heavenly bodies on the events in the life of an individual or a country or the whole world. It is called Vedic Astrology, because the principles on which the study and interpretations are made were first enumerated in the 'Vedas' - the first treatise of ancient Hindu philosophy.

    What is Zodiac?

    If we imagine ...

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  • Vedic Astrology - Part 30 - The 36 Decanates ( Contd )
    By: newagephilosopher | - As we have said earlier, the 36 decanates are very important in both Natal and Horary Astrology. The student of Astrology must be familiar with all the 36 decanates. In V A, there are 36 verses dealing with the 36 decanates, in Varaha's Hora Sastra. Serpentine decanates, Bird decanates, Armed decanates are all considered negative in VA.
    When the longitude of the Ascendant or the Moon falls in negative decanates, negativity is indicated. In Horary, the longitude of the Base Ascendant ...

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  • Vedic Astrology Part 29 The 36 Decanantes
    By: newagephilosopher | - The definition of a Decanate or Drekkana

    The 30 degrees Sign divided by 3 is a decanate. The decanates are very important in V A.

    A decanate ( Drekkana in Sanskrit ) is 1/3 rd of a house. The first Drekkana is, therefore, 0 to 10 degrees, the second decanate is 10 to 20 degrees & the third decanate is 20 to 30 degrees. Since each Sign has 3 decanates, there are 36 decanates in all. Check out which Drekkana your Ascendant falls in. Look at the Ascending Degree and ...

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  • Maggie Gyllenhaal's Astrology / Numerology Combination - Scorpio (6) The Dazzling Detective
    By: Keith Abbott | - With a well received turn as Rachel Dawes in the Batman sequel, 'The Dark Knight', Maggie Gyllenhaal looks poised to have a break out year. This fine young mother and actress has a family history of movie work, with both parents and two siblings working in Hollywood. But, she has soured on the pressure of publicity she's starting to receive. So what's the future hold for this rising star? Read on and learn what Maggie Gyllenhaal's Astrology Numerology combination says about this talented ac ...
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  • Vedic Astrology Lesson 35 - Wealth Ascendant ( Dhana Lagna )
    By: newagephilosopher | - In a pragmatic or a business world, people are more bothered about material benefits than Self_Actualistion. No one can be blamed for this because business or making money is a Social Security Need ( as per Abraham Maslow's Need Hierarchy Scale ). Higher than the social security need is the Self Actualisation need. But most of the people are on the Social Security need level and use all their energies to survive econmically in a competitive world.

    Zodiac Advanced Astrology, being ...

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  • Stock Market Astrology Part V
    By: newagephilosopher | - It is said that Jupiter in Scorpio is strong. Many astrological savants
    did predict a stock market boom in 2002, which never did happen. But once
    Rahu entered Aries, the Rupee and the Sensex moved forward registering
    phenomenal gains. Jupiter in the lunar fifth can only mean that - a stock
    market and a forex boom for India !

    Stock market transactions need skill of a high order. There are successful
    persons who have made it a great art. Almost all ...

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  • Stock Market Astrology Part I
    By: newagephilosopher | - " He who will study values and market conditions and exercises one man's
    intelligence and known patience for six men, will make money in stocks " -
    Dow Jones

    Cancer, India's Lunar Ascendant

    India's birth constellation is Pushya and India is undergoing the dreaded
    Elarata Saturnine phase.

    India's Independence Chart ( 15/08/1947, 00.00 AM, Delhi )

    Asc Taurus, Gulika and Mars in Gemini, Sun, Mer, Ven, Sat, Moo in Cance ...

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  • Information About Zodiac Signs
    By: Siva Karthikeyan | - Zodiac Signs is a Greek phrase, which actually means Circle of Animal. That is why the ancient Hindus and Egyptians assigned names to the various sign of the Zodiac from the animal kingdom and agriculture. According to Dr Norbert Schiller, the ancient sages divided the year into spring,
    summer, autumn and winter and assigned to each season the constellation through which the sun passed. They gave Aries to the constellation after March 21, because this was the time when sheep produc ...

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  • Basis Of Zodiacs Signs And Horoscopes How Truthful It Was?
    By: J. L. Velarde | - Zodiac signs and horoscopes are quite distinctive in a way that the presence of this traditional prediction still exist nowadays.

    Many of us never really believe on zodiac signs and horoscopes, simply because most of people thinks that the reports comes up are baseless and inconsiderable. But the basis and evidence of astrology including zodiac horoscopes are already presents during the humane civilizations of mankind.

    Astronomers and astrologers are comes up to ...

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  • Who's Staying And Who's Bailing: Relationships Using The Sun Sign In Astrology
    By: Craig Howell | - Sun signs are known by the date of birth and are the most recognized in popular astrology for prediction in magazines, newspapers and online. They are used because they are such a strong indication of a person's central self and stamina. We can use this as a way to determine how someone deals with relationships, and how long they can or will hang in there.

    Sun signs can be supportive of each other, working reciprocally to supply what the other lacks in stamina and strength. Sun si ...

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  • Matchmaker: Psychic, Supernatural, Clairvoyant
    By: Julia Tanner | - A person who engages in matchmaking sometimes as a profession. One who arranges or tries to arrange marriages.

    Fortune telling, the practice of predicting the future through psychic means, such as interpretation of signs or communication with supernatural forces. Many people use astrology as a method of fortune telling. Other methods use palmistry, the practice of interpreting the lines in hands; cartomancy, the prediction of the future through communications using special cards s ...


  • Zodiacs And The Ruling Planets
    By: Abhishek Lodha | - The factor is the 'rising sign', i.e. the sign of the zodiac that is on the horizon at the time of birth. At whatever date a person is born it is possible for him or her to have any one of the 12 zodiacal signs namely the Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

    It is very important to find out the good and evil planets for each zodiac so that at the time of prediction it will be an easier task to analyze the various c ...

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  • Astrology & The Ruling Houses
    By: Abhishek Lodha | - Astrology is a science that describes the effects of the heavenly bodies upon the human characteristics, their lives and their humdrum affairs.

    A chart indicating the position of the sun, the moon and the seven planets in relation to the earth and to the zodiac of a person at the point of his, is what we call the Horoscope.

    The 12 houses of the horoscope that govern a man's life, in its different aspects are as follows:

    1. Ascendant: The first house, ...

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