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Truck desks for laptops allow you to instantly have access to client files right on the road back and forth to the office, or on the job site. Today more and more professionals are having to commute and or are working from a home and or a truck mobile office a large portion of the time and we have all experienced this scenario - an important customer calls your cellular, they have sent some files to your email and would like an answer quickly, in almost all cases, you have to delay the response until you get back to the office, this could be an hour.

Laptop Car stands make it easy for you to be able to pull over, open the lap top, connect through your cell phone to the internet, download the file with your email program. Then take a quick look at the customers file and details, answer any questions typing easily with the laptop positioned right where you need it, as most stands are articulating and then send the email. You can easily save a major project from collapse with this technology and combination of products, the laptop, your truck laptop stand, a cellular phone.

Cell phones improve the client communications, now with our reliance on our email as well there is no reason for professionals and business owners not to have both working overtime. Many is the time you or your staff will be making sales calls and need to pull up a business owners past history, with a truck computer desk mount it is a cinch, the laptop is positioned right there beside you, just open it up, look up your client history, go in and make the sales call with memory refreshed, it's much better than trying to work off the console.

GPS for laptops have considerably improved our ability to get to an important meeting or presentation, without distress. We have all ran short of time trying to find an address and made many trips around the block not quite sure where we were. However, with a GPS mapping system loaded right to your laptop, just open the computer screen and then you can easily navigate using the laptop and gps to get to the meeting on time. Most of the Professional mounting systems allow the screen to remain up, this way you can use a GPS software to assist you in navigating to the client's office.

Truck computer desks are now available with an optional printer stand so you can carry a mobile printer right with you. You could perform a quote, enter the details right there on the job site into your notebook, print the quote out on your mobile printer and hand it to the client on the spot, in many cases getting a yes, right there. A note on this type of mounting system, get a mount that is strong enough to hold the printer, if they don't specify that they can hold the weight, don't purchase it, it will only cause trouble. You want a stand that is developed to withstand the additional wieght of the portable printers like the HP 450.

Truck laptop computer desks utilize the floor area to install using self tapping metal screws, however, in most cases there is an option to purchase what's called the no-drill model, or custom designed base. This option allows you to remove the existing seat mounting nuts from your passenger seat, then install this custom designed base, which is made to fit your seat bolt pattern. Be sure to specify this when ordering, this allows you to retighten the nuts, firmly locking your desk base onto the passenger seat bolts making a secure mounting system.

Positioning the notebook desk on top of the custom base and following the manufacturers instructions to assemble the rest of the desk. Manufacturers make it simple and are only a few pieces and take minutes to install. High quality laptop mounting systems allow for variable positioning of the desktop, thus using the laptop is much easier. Be sure to see if the keyboard can be reached from both sides of the vehicle and can used from outside the truck and how long it takes to remove.

Truck center consoles bring into question another area you'll need to check, make sure the upright center rod is of high quality and heavy enough to handle the flexing when you lift the desk up to rise over a console. You'll need a mount in some cases to reach up to 26", there are only a limited few that can do this, be sure to check this out. What your looking for is the hieght adjustment measurement, or extension length, ask the supplier, or see if they list it on the description. Again, if it's only ten inches, or even 18", keep looking.

Trucks like the new Ford Super Duty, or the Chevrolet Silverado all have mounting systems custom made to bolt right in, it's a terrific way to outfit your truck and turn it into a professional mobile office.

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