Are Complex Carbs Better for Fat Loss than Simple Carbs?

 Carbohydrates – a word that is feared by many but often for all the wrong reasons. Particularly in those who are trying to lose weight, they are known to be a menace and so, that can leave people avoiding carbohydrates like the

Cycling in the Axarquia Region – Food and Drink

One of the pleasures of cycling in the Axarquia is the abundance of superb food and drink available to fuel your riding, according to In our opinion, from the produce of the sea, to the fruits of the mountains, the quality

JIANGXIAOBAI’s P100 – The Party in Your Pocket

JIANGXIAOBAI, over the last couple of years, has slowly crystallised as a serious competitor in the Chinese baijiu market. Success at home now needs to be exported abroad. In the domestic market of China, JIANGXIAOBAI is mainly known for its creative marketing,

Can Eating More Fiber Improve Your Memory?

We should all be eating more fiber. Much more. That’s the advice we are constantly given by health professionals, public health bodies, and our grandparents alike. That fiber is necessary as part of a healthful diet is not just folklore or an