What to Look For When Hiring a New Employee?

What characteristics should you look out for hiring new candidates? Various qualities should indicate that a particular candidate would be a valuable addition to the team. They need to stand apart from their peers. They need to have something that sets them

Tips for Creating Your Own SAAS Idea

SaaS is short for “Software as a Service”. It is a term that has become very popular among upcoming and existing entrepreneurs alike, who are constantly searching for ways to use technology to achieve business growth. If you are thinking of integrating

Cell Phone Marketing Trends Benefiting Businesses in 2020

Our world is currently flooded with perhaps one of the mightiest devices mankind has ever created. Well, yeah, you guessed it right, it’s the CELL PHONES. The consumers of cell phones are now nearly equivalent to more than half the world’s population.

Why Dimming Is Important for A Smart Building?

In modern life today, we are paying more attention to aesthetics and efficiency than a simple shelter. Meanwhile we also care more about the environment, we do not want to just have a nice building while ignoring the energy-saving part. KNX Dimming