Top OKRs: What Are They And Why Are They The Best?

Most organizations use the OKRs framework to set and achieve targets. The framework has proved effective in creating measurable goals and aligning them with the business objectives.  Besides, organizations can track these objectives’ achievements across the board as they are broken down

6 Tips for Choosing a Cloud Hosting Provider

Transferring your business operations, emails, and document storage to the cloud can reduce operation costs, streamline workflow, and eradicate the need for an in-house IT infrastructure and personnel, according to A good cloud hosting provider will facilitate remote employee collaboration, reporting


Track Your Kid’s Day with the Best Tracking App

Children between the ages of 9-13 years are going through a major transition phase. They love their digital devices and always on their phones or tablets. As a parent, it is your right to feel uneasy about their unnecessarily long screen time.