3 Things I Have Learnt From Looking for Love Online

The internet has been useful in many ways and now many people are leveraging its vast benefits to try and find love online. The concept of online dating seems perfect for people like me who lead very busy lives and hardly have the time to engage in trying to find partners within my existing social circle.

Moreover, I am quite introverted, and social events I usually attend are organized by family members, which lower the chances of meeting someone new! Also, online dating allows me to read about the person and assess the possibilities of a connection before allowing a friendship to grow.

There are so many excellent online dating platforms out there to try and find that special person with whom you can start a relationship with. In this post, I will be writing about some of the things I have learned while exploring the online dating scene…

There are Real Nice People On Dating Sites

It is true that some fake profiles can be found on dating sites, but if you register on online dating platforms that have had good reviews from previous users, there is a high chance of meeting a nice person. It starts with a discussion through chat to see if you are compatible before you begin to make plans for meeting up.

Online Personalities Can Be Different From Real Life

There are have been times when I instantly make a connection with someone nice online. We may carry on a conversation for a while before we meet up in person. However, the physical meeting may not be as expected because people can behave differently online. For example, I am quite a chatterbox when carrying on a conversation with a keyboard, but in person, I can be introverted and shy. The other person may seem shocked because they did not expect to meet quite a quiet person!

From this perspective, I learned to have an open mind and accept people for who they are. Moreover, if your date is a little quiet, give them time and they will feel more comfortable in your presence.

Online Dating Websites Provide Important Answers Quickly

If people are looking for love, hookups, or just a friend, it will be shown on their profile online. This information helps users of online dating websites avoid people who do not share the same common goal. It can also help you save time instead of talking with someone only interested in friendship when you are looking for a potential long-term partner.

I have had particularly good experience when using It is free, and offers all the benefits of a paid service without hurting your wallet. Give them a try!

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Written by James Williams

James is our Senior Content Publisher at He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.


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