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Best Lodging Options in Hawaii

After you decide that Kauai is your next vacation destination, you need to think about the accommodation in the first place. There are so many lodging options in Kauai, which you will certainly find something that will suit your requirements and your needs as well. Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort is an Art Deco beach hotel that has a historical atmosphere. The beach in front of the hotel is a bit rough for perfect swimming, but Grand Hyatt offers the biggest saltwater swimming pool. You can enjoy the water almost anywhere at Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club, because here you can find fountains, waterfalls and a splendid beach. The lagoons in the vicinity of the hotel have islands on them and here you can find a small zoo as well as numerous places where the kids can have fun. The monarchic atmosphere of Kauai can be still seen at the Princeville Resort, a place where you can book luxury accommodation for your vacation. This is a palace with sparkling chandeliers and lots of green marble, set on one of the best locations on the island, on a cliff that offers breathtaking views of the ocean.

How to Visit Kauai on a Shoestring

Your dream vacation to Kauai should not cost you too much, because there are several convenient ways to spend pleasant days on the island. Kauai is a place of astounding beauty, the oldest island of the archipelago and here you can enjoy a lot of activities like scuba diving, horseback riding, golf or swimming in the ocean. Some of the most entertaining activities on Kauai are free and thus all youll need to worry about is finding your appropriate accommodation. You should try to get your rooms at hotels that are not located right on the famous beaches of the island, because generally they tend to offer better rates. You should also opt for bungalows and try to avoid going to Kauai on a peak season for saving even more money.

Check In At the Kauai Luxury Hotels

The island of Kauai is truly beautiful and people who come here like to choose luxury Kauai hotels in order to make their vacation completely special. One of the largest resorts on the island is Grand Hyatt Kauai, where the guests have easy access to spas and restaurants. The hotel is located close to the resort and the weather here is perfect all around the year, making it the perfect destination for winter. If you enjoy surfing and swimming Sheraton Hotel is another very good choice on Poipu Beach. The Sheraton has a convenient location with sandy beaches, a spectacular oceanfront view and it is located at a short walk distance from the shopping and dining venues of the island. St. Regis Resort Princeville is the new name for the former Princeville Resort, which was completely renovated and reopened to tourists. This is one of the finest accommodation facilities on the north shore that offer great family and children activities.

Koa Kea Kauai Hotel

Koa Kea Hotel and Resort is a sophisticated luxury destination located on the famous Poipu Beach of Kauai. Inspired by the impressive sunsets, by the vibrant sea life and colorful native flowers, Koa Kea Hotel and Resort manages to capture the entire natural essence of this exotic island. The hotel has 121 luxury rooms that are some of the most beautiful and romantic accommodation you can find on the island. From any of these rooms you can enjoy spectacular views and you can reach the shores in no time. Kauai Island offers plenty of adventures for any visitor who may want to enjoy a fun vacation here and there are various relaxation areas if you prefer a more peaceful stay. The side of the island where the Koa Kea Kauai Hotel is located has a perfect weather almost all time of the year and it is an ideal location for a lot of outdoor entertaining activities.

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